Always Dreamed of Making Music? Try Music Learning Games!

Always Dreamed of Making Music? Try Music Learning Games!

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  • September 12, 2016
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Music learning games can be a wonderful solution for those of us who have always dreamed of making their own music but don’t know where to start. Music learning games include all the basics one needs to know in order to become a musician.

While music schools usually cost a lot of money and require previous knowledge about music – music learning games can be the cheap (or free, depends on the game) and available option for most people.

What Are Music Learning Games All About?

Music learning games include many features and have many aspects in them. Some of them will only teach you the most basic things you have to know, such as musical notes, and some will teach you more advances things, such as composition and notation.

Music learning games are excellent for people who want to get musical education but need some basic knowledge before they apply to any kind of music school or institution. That kind of games provides players with an experience that combines both learning and fun, and they are great if you are a person who gets bored easily. They usually include wonderful graphics and their overall setting is such that keeps players (or shall I say students) interested and excited about their studies.

VTech-KidiBeats-Kids-Drum-Set-0-0What Are The Best Music Learning Games?

Since the world of online games (both mobile and PC games) is flooded with games of all kinds and genres, it is not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for. For that reason, I brought to you two of the best music learning games, for your convenience.

Music Tutor Sight Read Lite

This educational game is great for those who have no basic knowledge of music. With this app you will learn to read and write music in an easy and enjoyable way through quizzes. The system will ask you questions that will either challenge your music writing skills or your music reading skills, and you will have to answer as many questions as possible. I believe this is one of the best games of its kind.

Musical Piano

Another good music learning game is Musical Piano – it is a musical toolkit that includes instruments such as grand piano, piano keyboard and drums, tools such as a metronome and a pitch pipe and much more. You will get to practice playing the piano and expand your knowledge, improve your skills and have fun!

If learning and making music has always been your dream, don’t give up on it! Today it’s easier than ever to learn and enjoy music in the comfort of your living room, and free of charge!

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